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Product Growth Awards 2020

They say that every successful company has a Fearless Founder behind it.
But they often fail to mention the team that works tirelessly and quietly to make the company a success. The team whose ingenuity, dedication, and tenacity results in the company’s growth. This magic that unfolds behind the scenes often goes unrecognised.

We’re here to change that. Held every year, Growth Champions 2020 is here to commemorate the Unsung Heroes.

They are the leaders who help teams navigate the journey of growth and the problem-solvers who everyone looks to when the going gets tough. They are the passionate individuals - who, together with their teams - create magic to influence, collaborate, and do what it takes to succeed.

The heroes who help their companies achieve efficient and sustainable growth.

Who are the

Growth champions

Who Are The Growth Champions

Who can be Nominated?

Individuals and Teams can be nominated for Growth Champions.

It always begins with one person.
Any individual working at any stage in the product and growth industry can be nominated.

Product growth manager awards
Categories Eligibility Criteria
A Growth Operator working on anything - from building to selling a product
Customer successCustomer success
Sales and MarketingSales and Marketing

A great product is created by a great team.
Cross-functional, product, or growth teams consisting of professionals from various disciplines, ranging from product management, design, and engineering to marketing, customer success and sales are eligible.

CategoriesEligibility Criteria


  • Business Startup
  • Consumer Startup

Teams from companies with revenue below 5 million USD are eligible for the Startup category



  • Business Scaleup
  • Consumer Scaleup

Teams from companies with revenue above 5 million USD are eligible for the Scaleup category

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Product Manager Awards

Evaluation Criteria

We strongly believe in keeping it balanced and fair.
The teams and individuals will be evaluated based on their ability to create value that can be sustained in the long run. Their willingness to experiment, and prioritise efficiently and effectively will also be taken into consideration.

The nominees for the Team Awards will be evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively across the following criteria:

  • Lead
  • Acquistion
  • Engagement and Retention
  • Expansion

Jury Members

The shortlisted candidates will be judged by stalwarts in the field of Product and Growth

Ravindra Bupathi
CEO, Vrigin
Ravindra Bupathi
CEO, Vrigin
Ravindra Bupathi
CEO, Vrigin
Ravindra Bupathi
CEO, Vrigin
Ravindra Bupathi
CEO, Vrigin
Ravindra Bupathi
CEO, Vrigin

THe Process

Nominate the Team/Individual
Nominate the
Nominees are sent an email with a form to fill and a quick 20 minute conversation with the Growth Champions Team
Nominees are sent an email
with a form to fill and a quick
20 minute conversation with
the Growth Champions Team
The shortlist will be shared with the Jury
The shortlist will be
shared with the Jury
The Champions will be announced
The Champions
will be announced


10 April
Applications Open
10 April
Shortlist Announced
10 April
Presentation to Jury
to Jury
10 April
Awards Dinner & Networking
Awards Dinner
& Networking
Growth Champions | FAQs

Frequently Asked


  • What I’m looking for isn’t mentioned here.

Do feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be happy to assist you!

  • What effort will be required from me/my team?

Being Product folks ourselves, we understand the value of the team's time. Which is why we are designing the process to be digital and flexible to your schedule - until the shortlist. For the shortlisted teams, we estimate that we will need 8 hours distributed over 1 month for preparation and deeper discussions with jury members.

  • Who will have access to my data?

Privacy and integrity of your data is of utmost importance to us. Hence, all the data will be handled exclusively by our core team and jury members only. We are in the process of contracting third party agencies who are adept at anonymizing data and implementing data silos. If you have any queries, suggestions, or requests please don't hesitate to contact

  • Why should I nominate myself/others? What are the key benefits for participants?

Apart from the recognition you gain, all participants would benefit through two pillars of our initiative: content and community. As a participant, you will receive early and exclusive access to resources, research, and case studies on how to build successful and high-growth products. Additionally, you will be part of an invite-only online digital community of experts, fellow Product and Growth leaders.

  • Is this initiative restricted only to VC backed companies?

No, any organisation involved in the creation of products is eligible. They could be bootstrapped, venture-backed, corporate-backed, or unfunded - it wouldn’t matter. We are here to learn, recognize, celebrate the people and their pursuits in product and growth excellence.

  • Can I nominate myself?

Yes! But you will be nominating your team/squad as a whole. We believe that great products are made by great teams, and we centred our flagship awards around that.

  • Who can be nominated?

You can apply or nominate cross-functional teams, product or growth squads. A team may consist of professionals from various disciplines, ranging from Product Management, Engineering, and Design to Marketing, Customer Success and Sales. It is not just restricted to product managers or teams of product, design, tech organisations.

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